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Young Families and Youth Ministries Position

Young Families and Youth Ministries Position at St. Mark’s United Church

This is a full time position (40 hours per week) and is for a three-year term (renewable).

This is a program position and is congregational accountable. It is open to: Lay, Ordained or Commissioned applicants

Position Profile

St. Mark’s United Church is located in the residential area known as Greendale in Saint John West NB. Our history dates back 160 years and has its roots in the Methodist Society. From the first gatherings in homes and re-purposed barns to the first structures on Church Ave. Through several fires and rebuilding, St. Mark’s current building is at 50 Dexter Dr. and was dedicated in 1960. The congregation is vibrant and dedicated to the mission of Jesus and hospitality.

St. Mark’s United Church is currently seeking a leader for its Young Families and Youth Ministries. The full time role is open to Ordained, Commissioned or lay candidates. This person will be a key member of the ministerial team, which encourages the development and fulfillment of the congregation’s mission and vision. They will work in a collegial and supportive team ministry with the Lead Minister, the Minister of Music, the Office Administrator and the Caretaker. This ministry role offers an opportunity to support a vibrant faith community that has a reputation for being warm, welcoming and inclusive.


The Young Families Youth Ministry position is a new position and the successful candidate will have the opportunity to build the ministry from the ground up. The primary focus of this position is to provide developmental focused leadership for a ministry of spiritual formation, community development, programs and outreach with Young Families and Youth at St. Mark’s United Church. The program will be shaped and delivered in close collaboration with the other members of the ministry team, with the overall spirit of creating a truly welcoming experience for new members and established members of the congregation.


The key responsibilities for this role include:

Developing and growing a vibrant Young Families and Youth Ministry program

Helping young families and youth explore their beliefs and nurture faith life.

Would collaborate with the Sunday school leader in the coordination of Sunday school, registration, events and retreats for children.

Would work collaboratively with the lead minister in the development and leadership of Confirmation program.

Develop and coordinating the delivery and evolution of programming to engage young families and youth.

Assisting with worship planning and specifically looking for ways to engage and involve children and youth in worship, to create interactive and experiential worship experiences that draw in young families and youth.

Providing emergent pastoral care for the congregation in times of need – including participation in funerals and related family support – working in tandem with other members of the ministry team.

Establishing and fostering connections with families and inspiring continued, new, or renewed presence and participation in the life and work of St. Mark’s.

Engaging families in the social justice awareness and action in the community.

This position reports to the Unified Board monthly. This may be in person or by written report.


While this position assumes leadership for these responsibilities, this individual will be most successful through the effective training and engagement of volunteers. The Family Ministries Leader will work collaboratively with all members of the ministry team to ensure that St. Mark’s United is a welcoming and inclusive community, where newcomers are warmly welcomed and engaged.


The ideal candidate for this role will possess many of the following qualities:

A proven track record of designing and implementing effective programs to engage young families and youth in their Christian faith journey.

A collegial approach, adept and willing to work as a collaborative member of a highly effective ministry team.

Well-organized, able to operate independently within a cooperative team ministry.

An inspirational and approachable role model with enthusiasm, curiosity, a good sense of humour, and most of all a passion for their faith.

An awareness of the current and evolving use of technology tools to enhance, promote and raise awareness of Young Families and Youth Ministries at St. Mark’s

An ability to model inclusivity, and encourage the full diversity of our community to be expressed and empowered.

To lead worship when the Lead Minister is on vacation or continuing education.

Committed to lifelong learning.

The successful candidate will be a baptized person and has experience in this area of ministry. While some theological education is desirable, formal accreditation is not required. The successful candidate may have training in a different area of expertise. Most important is a passion for ministry with Young Families and Youth.

The racial justice and boundaries courses for ministry in the United Church are required.


Remuneration will be accordance to General Council guidelines and reflect the experience and qualifications of the successful candidate.


This position focuses on Young Families and Youth. In a normal forty-hour workweek, 25 hours will be spent on Young Families, 10 hours on youth program development and implementation and 5 hours on administration.

Please send resumes to:

St. Mark’s website:


St. Mark’s Inclusion Statement

We the people of St. Mark’s United Church strive to be a community where all people are welcome regardless of age, gender, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, differing abilities, ethnic background or economic circumstances.

All persons are welcome to take part in every aspect of church life including: membership, participation, leadership, Sacraments (Baptism and Communion), Rites (Marriage and Confirmation) and pastoral care for life passages.  We celebrate the richness that diversity brings to our church even as it challenges us. We pray for God’s Spirit to guide us as we work for reconciliation and justice for all persons in both church and society.

Approved by the congregation on February 19, 2017

Sermon for February 2, 2020

Sermon for February 2, 2020             Fourth of Epiphany                 “Belong”

It is a well known fact that what we say to people is what they believe about themselves. This is especially true with children. The first words of Jesus’ dad to him when he came out of the water were ‘this is my son, my love. In him I am well pleased’. The first words to the real message and core teachings of Jesus are: you are loved, you are welcome, you belong. Let these be the words people hear.

On Monday while at the gym the row of TV’s were showing the impeachment of Donald Trump, the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Concentration Camps and the death of Kobe Bryant and eight others but mostly Kobe and his daughter. I was struck with the juxtaposition and the fact they were all on at the same time. The impeachment hearings is the apex of ‘I am right you are wrong’ white elite privilege, one showed the outcome of such white elite privilege and the death of Kobe how fleeting life is no matter who you are.

From that backdrop I look at the words of Micah and the Beatitudes in Matthew. The context of Micah is that the people and the religious leaders are arguing about what God wants them to do? The conversation ranges from strict adherence to the Moses Code and the law of the Prophets to something less strict and more open to interpretation.

It could easily be argued that the same is happening today. Not only in religion but in politics and community as well.

The Beatitudes is an extension of God’s desire for us to belong to community. It is inherent in Micah and Matthew that the vision of belonging is both deeply personal and community based. Let me go back to the TV shows mentioned earlier. What is happening, most pointedly in the USA is the sharp drawing of lines about the nature of community. You are in or out. You are democrat or republican. There is little in-between and the division is sharp. Listening to a pod-cast from the On Being series, Krista Tippett interviewed Brene Brown. She said that the base of human nature is to be in community. The two examples she gave were the hurricane that ripped through Houston and Texas. The response team did not ask political or religious affiliation, they just said we are here to help and they did. The other was when the Houston Astros won the world series. The whole city was unified and belonged. She went on to explain the differences between fitting in and belonging. Fitting in is when you do something to show you fit in, buy the right clothes, root for the correct team, have the latest cell phone or keep ahead of the gossip curve. Belonging on the other hand is all about a community and their capacity to welcome you. You can have the right clothes, look like you fit in and not belong. Belonging is the individuals in a community saying and meaning you belong. She goes on to say that belonging is a deeply spiritual experience as it reaches to the core of who we are and the core of the person being invited to belong. Jesus shows this belonging in a story. He is walking along the road and folks are lining up to see him. Zacchaeus really wanted to see Jesus, he was trying hard but could not so he climbed a tree. Jesus stopped and said, Zacchaeus you belong to me, let’s get something to eat.

At St. Mark’s we hold as one of our core vision components: belong. That is not just a word, it is a constant action. It is about what we say and how we say it, it is about accompaniment with the guest, visitor and the ones who just come to the door, it is how we genuinely extent the invitation to belong, just as you are and not as we wish you were. That is the hard work of loving kindness and living the beatitudes.

The coverage of the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and seven others remind us that life is fleeting for all, the super-star and the homeless. The underlying truth that is seldom mentioned is the very human condition to live with justice, kindness and mercy. As a personal code and a community endeavor.

The coverage of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps was moving and stirred me to the core of my being. One of the survivors reflected on Ellie Weisel’s wisdom that from the ash heap of the concentration camps there is an Eleventh Commandment and that is: we will not tolerate indifference. Justice and Kindness here mingle and dance in the quest to not tolerate indifference. All sorts of injustice happen as the ‘in-group’ fortify indifference. Child poverty, segregation of immigrant children from parents, racial profiling, segregation and yes concentration camps. Indifference is the birthplace of injustice and cannot ever be tolerated.

Belong, a simple word, easy to say and easy to be indifferent to. At St. Mark’s as we live out the mission of Jesus to love one another, it is a call of welcome in word and action. We cannot ever be indifferent to our mandate to all, to belong.

Summer Job Opportunity

Summer Student  Job Opportunity

St. Mark’s will be hiring one Maintenance Worker for a 8 week period starting on or about June 25, funded by a Federal Student Grant. Duties are as follows:

Maintenance Worker

 Duties will include minor repairs, painting, stripping and waxing floors, lawn care, cleaning and general labor in a team environment. The student will be supervised by our Custodian. There are volunteers in our church with skills in these areas who will also train the individual on proper techniques including safety, in conjunction with the Custodian. This is a great opportunity for a student to learn lifelong skills and gain valuable work experience. Hours are 7 per day, Monday to Friday, for a total of 35 hours per week.


$11.25 per hour

Eligibility/Application Process

 To be eligible for hiring, students must be a resident of Canada, have completed at least Grade 12, be enrolled in a college or university program in September 2018. Those hired will be required to provide a satisfactory Police Record Check prior to the commencement of work.

To apply for this position, please submit your resume by email to or into the church office (50 Dexter Drive) by noon Friday, May 18. Your resume, covering letter, or email should clearly outline any relevant education and work experience for the position being applied for.






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